About Us


Puris is a South African aroma chemical producer, that started out by producing steam distilled essential oils from unique Fynbos flora, endemic to the Western Cape. With technological investments, and research and development the product portfolio has been expanded to biotech derived natural aroma molecules.

Pure Passion

Our passion for scientific advancements and a keen understanding of sensory perception has earned us a reputation of the highest service excellence our clients have come to expect. Having a working culture where innovation and pure commitment is our motto, we are proud to add value (up/down) to every facet of the production chain.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Implementing biotechnological techniques to produce EU Natural Aromas is an exciting new development that enables us to be less dependent on invaluable natural resources and agricultural land. This places less strain on the environment and agriculture.

To be conscious of sustainability not only means to optimise our own efficiency. We explore innovative techniques that allow us to utilise various by-products as a source of our raw materials, which in turn adds value up and down the chain.

Our endeavours are proudly supported by research institutions and other partnerships, and we are equally proud to return this support to local indigenous communities that originally acquired the knowledge and value of our unique and endemic flora of the Western Cape.

Bio-prospecting, Access and Benefit-sharing

On 11 May 2011 the Republic of South Africa undersigned the Nagoya protocol regulating access to indigenous genetic resources, as well as the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their utilization. In April 2008 regulations for bioprospecting, access and benefit sharing came into effect to manage the utilization and access to South Africa’s biological resources. Puris supports these regulations to the benefit of the San and Khoisan communities.