Natural Aroma Chemicals and Isolates

Buchu Sulphur Fractions

For cases in which the aroma contribution of buchu mercaptan and/or buchu thioacetate are sought in a flavour/fragrance formulation, without the added aromas of other components of the oils, or for when the amount of pulegone in any given formulation containing buchu oils need to be reduced, Puris produces a line of specialized and customized natural Buchu sulphur fractions from either A. betulina and/or A.crenulata oils using only sophisticated physical means of separation. The result is a potent blend of buchu mercaptan and/or buchu thioacetate with other remaining compounds that occur naturally in the oils, providing a natural and authentic flavour profile for these compounds. These fractions are especially well suited to use in flavour and fragrance formulations in which intense black currant, catty, berry-like & exotic qualities are sought.

Diosphenol, Natural

Crystallized directly from A. betulina (diosphenol chemotype) essential oil and dried in vacuo, diosphenol crystals (>98% pure), also known as “buchu camphor” provide a distinct natural woody, fruity, minty, camphoraceous and cooling aroma to any flavour or fragrance aroma it is used in.

Buchu Pulegone Fraction, Natural

Whether for use as a flavouring material, or as raw material in asymmetric organic syntheses,  Puris’s buchu pulegone fraction consistently meet the highest chemical and olfactory standards for this material.

Phenethyl Alcohol (Phenyl ethyl alcohol/2-Phenylethanol)

Our natural Phenethyl alcohol is manufactured using biofermentation techniques on-site at Puris’s new biotech plant dedicated to this process. This plant delivers the highest quality and purity grades of this widely used aroma chemical. Since all organisms involved in this process occur naturally and only the highest grade natural raw materials are employed, this material is classified as strictly non-GMO and EU/FDA natural.